Micro:bit Extension Board Robotbit


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Micro:bit Extension Board Robotbit

BBC Micro:bit board: It is launched by BBC and is desinged for programming education for teenager(Pls note: it is not included in packaging).
V1.3 micro: bit Microbit expansion board: It is a function expansion board for Microbit board and supports Scratch / Python programming.
It has 4 LEGO Socket, through compatible with BBC Micro:bit board and LEGO,you can DIY in many interesting projects.
18650 rechargeable battery: It is not an industrial batteries, without overcharge and over discharge protection, battery voltage charging voltage not higher than 4.2V, discharge voltage not less than 3V, otherwise the battery is easy to scrap.
BBC Micro:bit board:​
1. Vertical slot – plug and play without wiring and compatible with BBC Micro:bit board.
2. Onboard rechargeable battery – independent power supply, get rid of the cash dependency. Comes with switches makes it convenient for project production.
3. Onboard charging circuit – No need to replace the battery, environmentally friendly design, using a whole day after charging one hour.
4. Support Multi-motors drive – Support 8 servos and 4 DC motor output.
5. Onboard buzzer – Support graphical programming buzzer, need not complicated connection.
6. Onboard RGB colored light – 4 programmable lanterns make your Microbit more colorful.
7. Support read IO port – support external 4 IO port analog value, makes your creation unlimited.
8. Compatible with LEGO installation holes.
Package Including:
1 * Microbit extension board( without BBC Micro:bit board)
1 * 18650 rechargeable battery
1 * USB cable

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Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm



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